Client Success

I was unable to pinpoint really the cause of my low level anxiety. Through discussion, Kate identified the angle she needed to take with me in my session. I was a bit apprehensive that perhaps I might discover things I didn't want to face. This was not the case at all, and during the session (although a bit tearful) I was able to express some suppressed memories/thoughts. I listened to the recording, daily, beyond the 3 week recommended period and as a result, it has brought along some significant changes for the better in my life, I really didn't realise that I was clinging to old beliefs and habits and being held back by it. I am moving forward in a way I have never experienced before. Not necessarily an 'easy' transition (being out of a comfort zone), but I recognise that it is necessary, and that it would not otherwise have been brought about.

The anxiety has completely disappeared, the best part I guess, I laugh so much more, am generally happier and I am doing things differently, and trying new things. I can't thank you enough Kate.

- ST, Ruislip

Having lived for years with a fear of all birds but especially seagulls and pigeons, I couldn’t imagine that an hour with Kate would change that awful, terrifying feeling I have always experienced. A simple walk along the promenade would end up with me being almost paralysed with fear, my husband shielding me and shooing the birds away, or my grandchildren protecting me from the enemy! How embarrassing – my grandchildren protecting me!

This fear has been with me for almost all of my life but Kate has changed everything. Finding the root cause of the issue, together with her calm voice and reassuring words, have made me realise that I can walk by the sea (or anywhere) without being afraid. I am now able to take a deep breath and think rationally when I see the birds flying around me – something I couldn’t previously contemplate.

If this hadn’t happened to me, I wouldn’t believe the transformation was possible. With Kate’s understanding, kindness, compassion and ability to make me realise that I could change the way I feel, I now look forward to my walks by the sea without the terrifying feeling of dread and fear.
I definitely recommend her.
Thank you Kate – you have literally changed my life!

GC, Devon

I was struggling with the stress and pressure of my A level exams, which caused me to be shut down in the exam hall. After my session with Kate I am feeling a lot more confident and positive coming up to my exams. Kate was so easy to talk to and I would highly recommend her.

EN, Pinner

Kate is amazing. I have always had trichotillomania (hair pulling disorder) and Kate has massively helped me with this. The session was relaxed and I felt so at ease with Kate. The recording was also wonderful and so lovely to listen to. Thank you Kate!

JG, Northwood

I have had low self-confidence for years but Kate completely solved it!
She was really understanding and the session was relaxing and enjoyable.
Kate's voice is mesmerizing and it was a pleasure to listen to my recording.
I'm amazed at how quickly positive changes happened and I definitely recommend her.
Thank you, Kate!

IM, Northwood

I have tried to give up smoking so many times that I had convinced myself I would never be able to achieve it. I had managed to give up for several months after seeing other therapists but have always gone back to smoking. The difference with Kate and RTT is that she helped me find out why I kept smoking again. I would never have found the cause of the problem if it hadn’t been for Kate guiding me through regression and then helping me to link past beliefs to current habits. Once we had achieved that, I was able to understand the problem and take on board what Kate was telling me about having a positive dialogue with my mind and taking back control. I left the session believing I was a non-smoker and have not smoked since. In fact, I haven’t even wanted a cigarette – something I just wouldn’t have believed was possible. After almost giving up hope, thank goodness I’m free from this awful habit at last!

SN, London

My weight has always been an issue. I’ve tried every diet there is and, although I’ve had success in the past, it has always been temporary. Kate managed to identify why I kept binge eating and it was such a revelation. At last everything made sense and I have since completely changed my relationship with food. I’ve lost 25lbs already and know that this time it’s not coming back! I look and feel so much younger and have fantastic energy. Thank you for helping me Kate – you are truly amazing.

- KM, Oxford