My Story

We all have a multitude of experiences – some good, some bad. They all shape who we are today. What matters is the emotion we have attached to those experiences and how we allow them to affect us.

I’ve watched someone I love deeply suffer from anxiety and depression for many years. It has been the most difficult thing I have had to witness; to try to help but not be able to “solve”. We tried all sorts of therapy over the years, including standard hypnotherapy, and it has helped as a means of coping but none of it has found the root cause of the problem. I was drawn to Rapid Transformational Therapy as a means of helping this amazing person and others like her who want to take action to heal their pain and find lasting relief.

There have been other experiences that I’ve had to deal with (personally or within my family), including childhood stroke, anorexia, Parkinson’s Disease, dementia and cancer which have increased my awareness and understanding of coping with difficult events. I’m also a wife, mother, have juggled work with a young family and forged a career in communications, marketing and finance predominantly in the City of London.

I have been privileged to have been personally trained by the world-renowned therapist, speaker and author Marisa Peer, the inspirational founder of Rapid Transformational Therapy based on her 30+ years’ experience as a therapist. Until recently this therapy has only been available to Marisa’s A List clients but through her training school there are now a number of Marisa Peer Therapists – like me – working internationally.

One of the greatest gifts I gained from Marisa is an understanding of how the mind works. Once you know this, anything is possible and I now realise that I can cope with any event, any situation and change any bad behaviours or negative beliefs in my life. This understanding and the skills I have acquired also enable me to help others do the same, which I consider to be the greatest gift of all.

-Kate Hoyle C. Hyp, RTT, CPPD